To Begin Anew

So I was cleaning out a closet the other day, and I ran across a box of old stuff from an old bedroom office, perhaps half a dozen dwellings ago. In it was a steno pad full of notes about my new computer and this new thing that I was just learning about called the Internet. I had only recently gotten connected, and now I was trying to create something called a “web site”, and I was having trouble. So I had called my ISP for some help, and I had jotted down what they told me. I had also dated the page — May 14th, 1994.

I did in fact get my web site running that day, although it certainly didn’t amount to much. It was a beginning though, and over the intervening 17 years, I have maintained a continuous presence on the web, through several hosts, domain names too many to remember, subject matter ranging from sublime to ridiculous, and site designs ranging from not-half-bad to utterly horrific. The only common thread through it all is that I’ve always posted about things I that I am passionate about. The problem is that over the last several years, I guess I just haven’t been passionate about much, so this site has languished, a victim of its owner’s indifference.

Well, I have decided that indifference sucks. So, in honor of my internet anniversary, I have unceremoniously tossed all the shit from the last 17 years, and I’m going to begin anew. I’m going to write about things that interest me. I’ll write about things I like, or things that make me happy, or shit that pisses me off, but one thing is for sure…I won’t be indifferent about them.

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