Monthly Archives: August 2013

Warm Light

PotD 2013 227/365 – Warm Light


Aren’t they sweet…:-)

PotD 2013 226/365 – Friends

Dignified Stare

I think he was looking longingly at the hot dogs.

PotD 2013 225/365 – Dignified Stare

Food of the Gods


PotD 2013 224/365 – Food of the Gods

Nom Nom Hat

Best hat at the picnic…

PotD 2013 223/365 – Nom Nom Hat

Army of One

Kinda old for a Rambo…;-)

PotD 2013 222/365 – Army of One

Taking Wing

It was an odd pic anyway, so I added some lomo filters to top it off.

PotD 2013 221/365 – Taking Wing

Ridin’ Down the Highway

You’re lucky you can’t hear me trying to sing it.

PotD 2013 220/365 – Ridin’ Down the Highway

Colorado & Southern

This boxcar’s traveling days are over. It sits as a tourist attraction at the top of Boreas Pass.

PotD 2013 219/365 – Colorado & Southern


A not-quite-complete forward flip.

PotD 2013 218/365 – Splash