Monthly Archives: July 2013

Tidy Little Cottage

Emphasis on little. This house couldn’t be more than 400 square feet.

PotD 2013 212/365 – Tidy Little Cottage


This is the summer side.

PotD 2013 211/365 – Sundial

Funny Photog

Whatever it was, Michelle thought it was funny.

PotD 2013 210/365 – Funny Photog


Taken in Littleton, CO.

PotD 2013 209/365 – Spillway

Wolf Pack

This pack lives at the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

PotD 2013 208/365 – Wolf Pack

Lunch Cart

Grocery stores that support the Keenesburg Wild Animal Sanctuary save up meat scraps, hamburger and eggs, which they put in buckets and freeze. The sanctuary folks take the buckets of meat, empty them into a cart, and drive around the property to feed the myriad beasties within. Yummy meatsicles for all.

PotD 2013 207/365 – Lunch Cart


It’s iPhone vs Canon…

PotD 2013 206/365 – Duel


You always need to make time to roll in the dirt.

PotD 2013 205/365 – Leisure

All in a Row

Reminds me of the Duggar family…no wait – I need more leaves…

PotD 2013 204/365 – All in a Row

For Aristocrats Only

Mere paupers need not make reservations.

PotD 2013 203/365 – For Aristocrats Only