Monthly Archives: June 2013


and purple…

PotD 2013 181/365 – Petal


I’m not a big fan of Grackles, but I have to admit that they can make for a decent photo now and then.

PotD 2013 180/365 – Grackle


Are you done yet?

PotD 2013 179/365 – Boring

Boreas Pass

I might have thought twice about driving the Mustang over this pass had I known that it wasn’t even paved.

PotD 2013 178/365 – Boreas Pass

Tunnel Vision

On my way through the Eisenhower Tunnel.

PotD 2013 177/365 – Tunnel Vision


Setting up to land on lunch…

PotD 2013 176/365 – Incoming

Land of the Giants

Little Ladybug in a very big world.

PotD 2013 175/365 – Land of the Giants

Layers of Years

This old tree has seen a lot of things in its time.

PotD 2013 174/365 – Layers of Years

Scratching Post

Twigs are good for so many things.

PotD 2013 173/365 – Scratching Post

What Was That?

I’m not scared…really…

PotD 2013 172/365 – What Was That?