Monthly Archives: May 2013


The original shot was okay, but I took a little artistic license with the colors…

PotD 2013 151/365 – Red


It’s taking all 300mm to get the shot.

PotD 2013 150/365 – Zoom


So nice to see Spring finally here…

PotD 2013 149/365 – Buds


You can say it…awwwwww…

PotD 2013 148/365 – Brothers


Southern Comfort, that is…

PotD 147/365 – Comfort

Is He Gone Yet?

We were playing hide and seek. He peeked around the tree…click…

PotD 146/365 – Is He Gone Yet?

My Cup!

He kept trying to take off with the coffee cup he was standing on, but couldn’t quite manage.

PotD 145/365 – My Cup!

Morning Purple

More purty flowers…

PotD 144/365 – Morning Purple


This is so cute I might need a dose of insulin…

PotD 143/365 – Awwww


He was FAST!

PotD 142/365 – Dragster