Monthly Archives: April 2013


We went to the park to take a few practice shots to prepare for her upcoming prom pictures. I love this one.

PotD 2013 120/365 – Sunshine

Petulant Child

This is what happens when a nasty little beast does not get its candy.

Kidding, but it WAS funny…

PotD 2013 119/365 – Petulant Child

The King

Actually, he was not acting the role very well. He was in a pissy mood, and walked around sniffing the grass and snarling.

PotD 2013 118/365 – The King


This goose not not attacking me. He was attacking on my behalf! I made friends with him by honking at him when he honked at me. He proceeded to come and follow me, and would chase off anyone that got close.

PotD 2013 117/365 – Attack!!!


This Gibbon looks deep in thought.

PotD 2013 116/365 – Contemplation

Descended from Dinosaurs

Scientists tell us that modern birds are the most direct descendants of the dinosaurs, and after looking at this Cassowary, it’s not hard to believe.

PotD 2013 115/365 – Descended from Dinosaurs

Quiet Moment

Just a moment of serenity before continuing on doing what peacocks do…

And with this post, I am now caught up on my project. I do not intend to get that far behind again…whew!

PotD 2013 114/365 – Quiet Moment

Irish Dancer

I love Irish Dancing, and this young lady pulled off a wonderful dance. It’s amazing how much talent there was at that show…

PotD 2013 113/365 – Irish Dancer

I Dreamed a Dream

This beautiful young lady took the stage, and when her mouth opened, she had the voice of an angel. After belting out a stunning rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable, half the audience was in tears, and the other half was just slack-jawed. What an amazing talent. I had the good fortune to be sitting next to her father, and I made sure he had one of my cards so he could see the shots of his daughter blowing everyone away.

PotD 2013 112/365 – I Dreamed A Dream


Jenna has always been a bit more solitary and introverted than her big sibling, and it just blew me away to see her on stage in front of a whole auditorium full of people, playing the guitar and singing Wanted by Hunter Hayes. She absolutely killed it, and I was so proud of her I could hardly stand it. And that huge smile at the end…wow. But that was just dust making my eyes water…really…

PotD 2013 111/365 – Wanted