Monthly Archives: March 2013

Longing Stare

This 8-month-old lion cub was watching intently as a peacock strutted around on a rock above the lion’s head.

PotD 2013 069/365 – Longing Stare

More Ava

Because one shot just wasn’t enough…

PotD 2013 068/365 – More Ava


The kids’ cousin Ava is two-and-a-half now, and is just too cute for words.

PotD 2013 056/365 – Ava

Sing It, Baby!

This African Crowned Crane has got it all going…

PotD 2013 066/365 –

Yeah, I Got Your Cheese

I thought it was funny…

PotD 2013 065/365 – Yeah, I Got Your Cheese

Sweating Blood

Or at least that is what this hippo seemed to be doing. After some reading, I found out that hippos secrete a substance resembling blood from their skin, but in fact, it serves as both an antibacterial as well as a sunscreen. Guess the Coppertone folks won’t be making much off the hippo population…

PotD 2013 064/365 – Sweating Blood

Metallic Bird

I have no idea what species this bird may be, but the metallic colors of its plumage are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Amazing…

PotD 2013 063/365 – Metallic Bird

Ever Vigilant

Even when waking up from a nap…

PotD 2013 062/365 – Ever Vigilant

The Wary Hunter

The coyotes at RMA are bold and very retiring by turns. This one watched me very carefully as it worked its way across the prairie dog colony, searching for a meal.

PotD 2013 061/365 – The Wary Hunter

Lake Mary Floating Bridge

At RMA, they’ve built a cool floating bridge that crosses Lake Mary. Great place for watching the local waterfowl.

PotD 2013 060/365 – Lake Mary Floating Bridge