Monthly Archives: February 2013

Clear Creek Rocks

A section of Clear Creek flows through some rocks that have worn over the ages into some very cool shapes.

PotD 2013 059/365 – Clear Creek Rocks

Bass Lake

Looking at the mountains across Bass Lake in the Wheat Ridge Green Belt.

PotD 2013 058/365 – Bass Lake

No Alien Skating

Who knew this was a problem?

PotD 2013 057/365 – No Alien Skating


This lovely lady on her lovely steed came riding past me while I was out shooting.

PotD 2013 056/365 – A-Horseback


I found this shot to be fascinating. It’s nothing more than some very tall grass waving in the winter breeze, but it almost looks like a tilt-shift shot of palms on some tropical island. Maybe it’s because I’m pining for summer…

PotD 2013 055/365 – Breezy

Have You Walked Your Llama Today?

I haven’t, but this lady has. You just never know what you’re going to see. It was certainly a beautiful animal.

PotD 2013 054/365 – Have You Walked Your Llama Today?


It won’t be long before the Bald Eagles wintering at RMA start heading toward their summer nesting grounds. But for now, they are still around, providing wonderful opportunities for people like me.

PotD 2013 053/365 – Majestic

Me, the Editor

This beautiful shot is not mine. Rather, my friend Stephanie sent it to me out of the blue and asked me to hack away at it. I haven’t done much of that since we retired the Hack This Photo theme, so I was glad to play around with it.

PotD 2013 052/365 – Me, the Editor

Urban Bison

When you’re wandering around at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, it’s easy to forget that you’re really only ten minutes from downtown Denver. This shot is a stark reminder of that.

PotD 2013 051/365 – Urban Bison


What? Me? I’m not doing anything…really…

PotD 2013 050/365 – Innocence