Monthly Archives: October 2012

Colorful Lorie

When I went to the zoo a couple months ago, I was disappointed to find that the Lorikeet habitat was closed. I love going in there and feeding them nectar, and it’s just awesome when one of the them steps right onto you hand to eat. This one was sitting on a limb, just waiting to be fed. By the way, have I mentioned how much I LOVE that 135L lens?

This Ain’t a 366 Project 305/366 – Colorful Lorie

Beautiful Zombie

At the Zombie Crawl last weekend, once the actual event started, there were so many people that it was hard to move anywhere, so I simply stationed myself at the street corner and took pictures of the people as they went by. Close to where we were standing were a couple of rather scantily-clad zombies, and one in particular absolutely captivated me. Take away the sexy-zombie garb and the blood, and this young lady would still stand out in a crowd, with her bright pink hair, expansive tattoos, and plethora of piercings. She was also jaw-droppingly, mind-numbingly, heart-achingly gorgeous. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “I ♥ Zombies“. Me too.

Adorable Bee

I never gave much thought to bees beings cute…until today. Okay, everybody together now…awwwwwwwwwww.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 304/366 – Adorable Bee

Fat Boy

You ever see a squirrel with a double chin? Holy mackerel, this guy was chubby…

This Ain’t a 366 Project 303/366 – Fat Boy

Tigers Lost? Oh Nooooooo!

With all due due respect to all you poor Detroit fans…:-)

This Ain’t a 366 Project 302/366 – Tigers Lost? Oh Nooooooo!

Neighborhood Sparrow

I was shooting something else, and happened to turn around and there was this little guy.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 301/366 – Neighborhood Sparrow

Saturday Afternoon on the Town

No, I wasn’t blocking traffic. I was crossing on the signal 🙂

This Ain’t a 366 Project 300/366 – Saturday Afternoon on the Town

The Umbrella Corporation

You can’t be a fan of zombies and not have seen the Resident Evil series of movies. Who knew that the Umbrella Corporation was so pervasive!

This Ain’t a 366 Project 299/366 – The Umbrella Corporation


This zombie was fierce, but was securely chained to prevent infection (and ingestion) of the spectators.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 298/366 – Fierce!

The Apocalypse Begins

I attended the 2012 Denver Zombie Crawl on Saturday, site of ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. This guy was awesome, as was his entire family.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 297/366 – The Apocalypse Begins