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Camera Glamour

A friend just recently got an Olympus OM-D, and I thought it needed its own portrait.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 254/366 – Camera Glamour

Waving in the Breeze

Took me half a dozen attempts to get an in-focus shot, because they stalks were indeed waving in the breeze.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 253/366 – Waving in the Breeze

I Found Nemo

He was hiding amongst the Sea Anemone right here in the Denver Zoo!

This Ain’t a 366 Project 252/366 – I Found Nemo

The Ecuadorean Kid

So I mentioned in a previous post that my niece, goddaughter and best bud Cammie left to spend a year in Ecuador, courtesy of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. She’s been down there for approaching a month, and she’s finally settling in. She just got back to Sangolqui from a language camp in the coastal town of Mompiche, and from the looks of it, she had a great time and made lots of new friends. The next challenge for her is school, which starts on Monday.

Cammie’s got her own blog where she is documenting her year-long adventure. You really should check it out.

My Heart is in Ecuador

Dusty Cape Buffalo

This was another zoo shot that I was tremendously pleased with. The Cape Buffalo paddock had areas that were trampled and dry, and that just happened to be where the main group had decided to take a siesta. I managed to avoid any hint of zoo surroundings, and I think the shot really evokes a sense of wild buffalo.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 251/366 – Dusty Cape Buffalo

Who Moved My Cheese?

Ahem…that would be me. So, the other day, I was looking through some (really) old archive CD’s, and I ran across a bunch of my source and graphics for the web sites I did back in the late 90’s til about 2002. I waxed nostalgic for a short time, but the only lasting feeling I got from it was boredom with the site design that has been in use for over a year. I thought fleetingly about doing a design from scratch, but I really don’t have the motivation or the technical chops any more. I started digging through theme archives, trying to find something that would fit my needs and look decent. It was harder than I expected, since most WordPress designs don’t handle 800-pixel images very well. You’d think that with all the screen real estate we have available these days…anyway, I finally found one, and after some tinkering to get it right, I adopted it as the new theme for Techniverse. It’s a bit wider, which means the right column could be turned on, and it has a search feature that seems to work quite well. The color scheme is darker than the previous look, which is cool, and the relative simplicity made it easier to cobble together something passingly similar for the SmugMug gallery as well.

One final note for those who have been complaining ad nauseam about comments. No, I still haven’t enabled them. I simply don’t feel like moderating a pile of spam, so until somebody steps up and offers to do it for me…hush up. 😉

Bighorns Is Silly

So from that last shot, you might get the impression that this Bighorn was a very serious chap. He was, but it didn’t last for long. Say CHEEEEEESE!

This Ain’t a 366 Project 250/366 – Bighorns Is Silly

A Formal Bighorn Portrait

The trip to the Wild Animal Sanctuary got me started on another animal kick, so I had to make a trip to the zoo. It was the first time I’ve been there this year, and the addition of the Elephant Passage was really nice. I was really pleased with the shots I got, enough to say that I think it was probably the best set of pictures I’ve ever taken. Of course, you’ll get to plenty of shots from the set over the coming days, but I thought I’d start with my favorite shot of the day. This Bighorn ram was very interested in what I was doing, and followed me up and down the entire length of the enclosure for several minutes, eyeballing me the entire time.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 249/366 – A Formal Bighorn Portrait

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

And that’s exactly what this big ol’ grizzly was doing. He had been having a grand old time playing in his pond.

This Ain’t a 366 Project 248/366 – I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Grab a Tiger by the Tail

If you dare…

This Ain’t a 366 project 247/366 – Grab a Tiger by the Tail