Monthly Archives: November 2011

Best Frickin Sunset EVER!

I was on my way home from work when the sky just started to glow. I found a place to pull off where there was a good view, and there were already several cars there and people snapping away with their cell phones. I can’t blame them – this was probably one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. I only had my phone but I’m still pretty pleased. Gotta love that Galaxy S II! The blog-sized pic just doesn’t do it justice, so I linked the pic to a big old honkin’ PNG version. Bandwidth-impaired, beware…

Just Little Blurry Blobs…BUT…

I thought that I might try my hand at doing a little bokeh shaping. For those not familiar with the technique, it uses a mask that covers the lens with a cutout in the shape of your choice. When you take a picture with the mask in place, blurred light sources in the background (the bokeh) take on the shape cut into the mask. These aren’t very good, but they are interesting…you might even be able to guess what the last two are…:-)

Hugs and kisses

I see them in your eyes

Pennies from heaven

Same to you, buddy

Real Estate Ad

For Sale:
Rustic little two-story abode, nestled among the trees in the countryside. Has witnessed many generations of pattering young feet and tapping beaks. Weathered look and outdoor plumbing perfectly suits the back-to-nature types. Some gentle TLC and a few twigs will restore this little number to its former glory. Owners are wintering down south but can be reached by carrier pigeon.

Faces of Thanksgiving

The Annoying Guy with the Camera was in rare form on Thanksgiving Day. Here are a few faces I managed to capture…

Oh the joys of big sisters

You want a picture of me?

You’re starting to annoy me…

Can He Paint? No, But He Can Photoshop Like Mad

I’ve been experimenting with various Photoshop filters a lot lately, and I’ve gotten where I am really liking the results. Here are a few I’ve done recently.

I’ve Got Art In My Heart…

…and angst in my pants…or something like that. Anyway, I was doing some texture and brush filtering on a tree shot I took back in October, and I came up with a combination I really liked. Only problem is that it really loses something in the resize to fit on the page, so I’m linking the image here to a full-size version.

A Lot to be Thankful For

There were 14 people, tons of food, and one annoying photographer at yesterday’s Thanksgiving gathering. The weather was absolutely perfect, which gave us all the opportunity to play outside most of the day. I took over 500 shots, and you’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next few days.

He Went Hungry Today

This is a Turkey Vulture…
Turkey Vulture went hungry today, because after we were done with the turkey, there was nothing left but the bones…

Black White and Blue

Got this shot of a duck on Kestrel Pond, and I thought it was pretty cool just because of the water. The light was really poor though, and the colors even worse. So, I took out all the color except for blue…I like the effect…anybody else?

Sunset at the Civic Center

Here are a few more taken in Civic Center Park as the sun went down.