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The Undead Princess…

There seems to be an undead theme this year around here…here’s the littlest undead-head…

When Zombies Attack…

They might look dead, but don’t be deceived…

No, I want the cerebellum!

Doing the Tebow won’t help you now…

Cards Win!!! Cards Win!!!

It’s hard to believe, given where they were only a scant month ago, but the St. Louis Cardinals are the 2011 World Series Champions!!! I’ve been gone from StL for a long time, and I love the Rockheads, but the Cardiac Cards are still my team! I know I’m dating myself here, but probably one of my earliest memories was listening Game 4 of the 1968 World Series on the radio with my grandpa, and the way he jumped up and danced when the Cards won the game over the Detroit Tigers 10-1. And I will never forget when they won the World Series in 1982. For me, when Bruce Sutter struck out Gorman Thomas for the final out in the 7th game of the series against the Milwaukee Brewers, it was one of those moments that I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. Too often, moments like that are because of tragedy, but not that night, and not THIS night! Congratulations Cardinals!


Ok Now – Who Washed the Paint Off My National Park?

Painted Arch

Time to Travel Back in Time

These shots were all taken in downtown Denver in 1911…errr…ok, 2011.

Old Capitol

Old Capitol

Old House

Old Church

Old Statue

A Bird of a Different Feather

So after a lovely and oh-so-refreshing 3 hours of sleep last night, I’m up and rarin’ go! Not…in reality, I’m lying in bed with my laptop, a bottle of water and a box of booger vaults by my side, waiting to get sleepy enough to take another nap. In the meantime…

Two summers ago, a pair of hummingbirds nested in a tree right by the back entrance of the office. It was a really cool thing, since I suspect it’s fairly rare to get to witness a hummer in its nest. I got a few shots of one of them on the nest, but really only this one turned out reasonably well…

Hummer in the Nest

Encore, Encore!

Okay. One last picture before I try again to sleep. I’ve been playing with a Photoshop plugin called Filter Forge. It’s pretty slick, and I’ve been caught up in playing with one particular effect called Old Photo. I have some cool ideas for using it, but for now, just check out this ancient old gull…

Dat Boy Be a Postin’ Fool

Yeah, tonight’s the night for multiple posts. If you’re asking yourself why, it’s because I have a crappy cold and every time I lay down I start coughing. Soooo, for your viewing pleasure, I present you with three lovely children I met in the park.

See, aren’t they cute? A little under-dressed for the season, but hey – it IS nice out.
Statue 1

They look a bit beat up, though…Couple a broken noses, and the poor little guy on the left looks as though he’s had a partial craniotomy. Hmmm…I wonder…
Statue 2

Yep – I was right…big crack in the back…ANYBODY GOT SOME SPACKLE???
Statue 3

And Now For Some Music

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for some fine vocal performances.

So, a choir concert represented my first real shooting experience with the T3i, and the results were somewhat less than stellar. Five months later, I got the chance to redeem myself with the first choir performance of the school year by the Ralston Valley Choir. The event also represented my first extended use of the T3i in full manual mode. I tried aperture priority and I was getting consistent over-exposure, so I switched to manual. Out of the images below, all but the first taken taken in manual. The first one was in AV with -1EV. Ultimately I didn’t perform nearly as well as the kids did (they rocked the auditorium!), but I can see an improvement in the results over my first effort back in May.

You Call That a Camera? THIS is a CAMERA!

One of the sponsors of the photo walk was Phase One, and they kindly supplied both a rep and a camera. The rep was Brian, but that’s beside the point (just kidding Brian!). The camera was a Phase One 645DF with an IQ180 80-megapixel digital back. Add in the lens and you’re looking at $50k in high-end medium-format camera sitting on the tripod. The best part is that everyone that wanted to got to take a shot or two. Kind of the photographic equivalent of driving a Lamborghini.

Phase One 645DF