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Because of my continuing obsession with photography, I’ve found myself wanting and needing a dedicated home for my works and thoughts. Techniverse became that home by default, simply because that’s what I had available. As I continue the journey, I’ve decided to move the bulk of my photography related stuff over to a new domain, one better-suited for the subject matter. Techniverse has been around for ages, and will continue to exist. I’ll still post here, but probably only sporadically. If you’re looking for all my new stuff, than look no further than my new corner of the web, I have also spun up a Fine Art America account where I can now sell prints of my work! You can find that at

Hello Friends

Did you miss me? It seems crazy, but it’s been four months since I’ve posted, and eight months since I’ve posted regularly, and I’ve been missing my humble little abode on the web. That, along with the fact that the site is going to be celebrating it’s 20th birthday coming up soon, has given me the impetus to restart the engines and get things rolling here again.

All that being said, I’ve hardly been idle online. I slowed down for a few months last year, for various reasons, but I’ve been on Google+ with a vengeance for some time now, and I’ve been posting other places as well. I recently resurrected my Flickr account, which has pretty much been dormant since 2005. There’s also sporadic posting on 72dpi, 500px, the PotN forums, and Reddit. Shit, I even got a Facebook account, although I participate under a pseudonym that I don’t care to share here, which is really no big deal, since I use the account only to follow a local wildlife photography group, which is one that G+ is still sadly lacking.

Funny thing is though, I do the same damn thing on every site. I post pictures. And I look at and comment on other people’s pictures. And I thank other people for viewing and commenting on my own pictures. And I love all that. But one thing is consistently missed, and that is my thoughts. The reasoning and thought processes. The opinions and biases. The whats, wheres, whens, hows, and whys. On most sites, people don’t give a damn what you think, unless you’re someone who happens to have a skill or insight that others covet. Really, people are only interested in what you show them.

Which brings me back home again. Right here, to my humble little electronic cabin in the woods. I got shit to say. I got rants to rant, and raves to rave, and like I’ve always done, I’m going to say it here. So now that the engine is running, I’m ready to take off again, but I think things are going to be a bit different now. In short, there’s going to be more thoughts. Don’t worry though. There will be still pictures. I loves me some pictures. And since posts are always best with a picture to wash them down, here ya go…

It’s a Book!

Yeah, I know I haven’t been around for a while, but I have not been idle. The most exciting thing that’s happened is that I’ve actually published my first book! “Zoo Portraits”, a book compiled from many of the images you’ve seen on these pages, as well as some new ones, is a photographic trip documenting some of the beautiful faces I’ve seen in my trips to a variety of zoos and animal sanctuaries. Check out the preview below for a sample of what’s in the book.

Warm Light

PotD 2013 227/365 – Warm Light


Aren’t they sweet…:-)

PotD 2013 226/365 – Friends

Dignified Stare

I think he was looking longingly at the hot dogs.

PotD 2013 225/365 – Dignified Stare

Food of the Gods


PotD 2013 224/365 – Food of the Gods

Nom Nom Hat

Best hat at the picnic…

PotD 2013 223/365 – Nom Nom Hat

Army of One

Kinda old for a Rambo…;-)

PotD 2013 222/365 – Army of One

Taking Wing

It was an odd pic anyway, so I added some lomo filters to top it off.

PotD 2013 221/365 – Taking Wing