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Floral Antlers

Half flower, half Ibex.

PotD 2013 168/365 – Floral Antlers

On the Lookout

This hawk was scanning the area for a meal, and seemed oblivious to my presence. I tried not to scare anything off this time 🙂

PotD 2013 045/365 – On the Lookout

Ginger Duck

This duck is known as a Redhead. Can’t imagine why. Beautiful creature.

PotD 2013 044/365 – Ginger Duck

Dude! You Scared Off My Lunch!

That seems to be what this Red-tailed Hawk was thinking as he banked around toward me.

PotD 2013 043/365 – Dude! You Scared Off My Lunch!


I almost completely overlooked this Muley doe quietly grazing in the brush.

PotD 2013 042/365 – Camouflage

Urban Buffalo Herd

When you’re out at the Arsenal, it’s easy to forget you’re only 10 minutes or so from downtown Denver, and about 30 minutes from the mountains. This shot frames both the rural and urban aspects of the refuge.

PotD 2013 041/365 – Urban Buffalo Herd

Black and White in Black and White

The combination of the white gulls and black coots made for an interesting contrast. If only there weren’t 10,000 piles of goose crap on the ice as well…

PotD 2013 040/365 – Black and White in Black and White

Balancing Act

This gull kind of reminded me of Ralph Macchio doing “The Crane” in Karate Kid.

PotD 2013 039/365 – Balancing Act

The Goosinator

I was down at Sloan Lake, and I found a lady running this thing around the ice on the lake, terrorizing the geese. Evidently, the city has decided that goose shit on the ice is unsightly, so they’ve purchased several of these things and hired unpaid interns to go around to local lakes and scare off the geese. It works, but it also scares off everything else, which was annoying as hell. Made me wish I had a shotgun. Wonder if it’s goosinator season…

PotD 2013 038/365 – The Goosinator

Fallen Eagle

Okay, so this is probably the crappiest shot you will ever see me post, but it was just too funny to not share. It was taken with the 100-400 with a 1.4x extender, and very heavily cropped. Basically, this Bald Eagle was strutting across the ice, tormenting the geese out on the lake, and he fell in the water. I shot this just as he dragged himself back up on the ice. It was hilarious. You always think of them as such majestic birds…

PotD 2013 037/365 – Fallen Eagle