Mustang Obsession – The Process

The original shot. Busy, distracting background, an ugly log in the foreground, nasty highlights, this shot had it all.

First iteration. Basically just a crop and some clarity on the paint. I also removed a few of the specular highlights.

Second iteration. A little more crop to make the aspect ratio 16:10 for wallpaper purposes. I dropped the exposure a tad,
and some more cleanup of the paint. I also darkened the ugly-ass log a little.

Third Iteration. Got rid of some more specular highlights, lightened up the front of the car, and did a little more general cleanup.

Fourth Iteration. That nasty log HAD to go…

Fifth Iternation. This was where the heavier lifting started. Towed a few cars, did some demolition on a few buildings, and knocked down a bunch of poles.

Sixth Iteration. A little more demolition in the background, lightened the wheels, and worked to kind of even out the reflection on the door. This was the point
where I started to think I might salvage the shot.

Seventh Iteration. I thought I was close to done, so this time I just did a little cleanup and worked on evening out the smudgy foreground, with limited success.

Eighth Iteration. Nope, not done. More work on the background. Got rid of the last of the buildings. Also did quite a bit of work on the reflections in the paint,
especially around the wheel wells.

Final Iteration. More booger removal. Removed some highlights from the wheels, darkened some body seams to make them less intrusive,
and grew the pine tree in the background to cover the ugly tree trunk. It’s as good as it’s going to get.