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You might have noticed that there is now an Archive submenu under Blog at the top of the page. This actually links to the contents of the Techniverse Blog, which I have brought over (at least partly). I said originally that I was not going to migrate that content over here, but my hosting package for TV expires later this year, and there’s no reason for me to continue paying for something that I only rarely use. Rather than chance hosing my setup on the new blog, I decided to set up a completely new instance of WordPress and move the content into that. I’ve worked out most of the link bugs, but there are still some inconsistencies here and there, and the look is a bit different since I had to account for the old paradigm of 800 pixel images with no lightbox. The images are all still housed on the TV site, and I’ll have to work on getting those moved over. It will take a while to work all that out due to some poor decisions I made on the old site. Anyway, all three-plus years of TV posts are now on this site, so have fun rooting through the Archive. :-)