Monthly Archives: November 2014

The 7D Mark II Arrives

Well, truth be told, it actually arrived 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I’ve worked almost every weekend since I got it, so my shakedown runs have been few and far between. I’ve only managed to get in around 250 shots or so with it, which is a travesty. On the bright side, what I have gotten has impressed me a great deal. The new 65-point AF system is crazy fast and capable, just as I expected, if more than a bit intimidating. The settings for AF encompass a full five PAGES of the camera’s menu system. Since my shooting has been limited, I’ve been reading a lot about it, trying to get where I can at least understand what it’s capable of. The other expectation I had was an improvement in noise performance of the sensor. Some sources have bashed it, but to put it plainly, they’re mostly full of it. If they were expecting full-frame noise performance, then they need to be educated. Having said that, the 7D Mark II is considerably improved over its predecessor, and while it doesn’t quite match the 6D in high ISO performance, based on what I’ve seen so far, what it loses in noise, it makes up for in detail. Shown below is a little GIF showing the difference in noise between the 7D, the 7D2, and the 6D. As you can see, it handily whips the 7D, and although it has a bit more noise than the 6D, detail resolution appears to be better. Another thing I noticed in my limited shooting was that the 7D2 has far less of a propensity for blowing out the red channel, which is something the 7D was notorious for. In the noise sample, you can see how much less saturated the reds are than with the 7D or 6D.


I have several shooting trips planned over the next couple weeks, and I’ll know a lot more after those, but so far, the 7D Mark II is turning out to be all I could ask for. Watch this space for further updates!

Do You Ello?

Why yes, I do, thank you very much. Finally!

If you haven’t heard about, it’s yet another social network, but one based on minimalist sharing. It’s still in beta, and I requested an invitation a couple months ago, but I just finally got in today. I really like the look and the simple elegance. I’m not sure where it will go, but if nothing else, it’s like having a new sandbox to play in, and I brought my pail and shovel! If you want to check it out, here I am:

I also have a few invites of my own to give out. If you’re interested, shoot me an email.